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Crestliner 1750 Pro Tiller Video Boat Review

Editors Note: The video boat review team looks over a fishing boat that updates an old school steering approach: the tiller.

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When I was a kid, you sat in the back of a fishing boat with your left hand on the motor. Steering wheels were for sissies. Today there are still some serious anglers who prefer the control and wide open deck that only a tiller steered boat like this Crestliner 1750 Pro Tiller can offer. Its a traditional format but its not old school. Crestliner has kept its Pro Tiller line fresh and functional. Lets check it out.


The 90 HP OptiMax outboard on our test boat is a two stroke and weighs less than a four stroke motor. Thats a great fit for this boat because youve already got the weight of the operator in the back so it improves performance. We had great cruising economy of 8.6 mpg at 19 mph, and a top speed of 40.4 mph.

Expert Interview

So Steve youve made some changes to the electronics locker on this boat. Can you show me how that works?

Steve Magers, Crestliner Boats: Well what weve changed is, this boat is used in rough water. So what weve done is stabilize the slide with a gas spring which is located here, to stabilize it when its out and also stabilizes when its in.

It looks like itll work a lot better than a thumb screw.

Steve: Yes it will.

So Steve, what kind of angler buys a tiller steered fishing boat?

Steve: This is for a serious fisherman that does a lot of trolling and wants a wide open cockpit.

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